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E17 Market Stories

E17 Market Stories

‘E17 Market Stories’ is an outdoor photography exhibition taking place in Summer and Autumn 2022, celebrating the historic Walthamstow Market, giving people an insight into the lives of the diverse community of market traders. This is done by displaying huge photography on buildings with links to video blogs of selected traders telling their stories of life on Walthamstow Market. If you’re reading this whilst the exhibition is still on, we highly recommend getting down to Walthamstow Market and experiencing it for yourself. (More info on the live exhibition here). If you can’t manage to go then we also have good news, as below is a selection of the exhibitions photography portraits by Lloyd Ramos. If you click the portraits this will direct you to video blogs by filmmaker Ashton John.

Walthamstow Market started in 1885 and is hailed as Europe’s longest outdoor street market, spanning a kilometre of the High Street, with many of the traders having families that have traded on the market for generations. Markets have traditionally been the heartbeat of Town Centres, but with so many technological, economic, environmental, and social challenges, markets across the UK are having adapt for their very survival. This exhibition aims to showcase Walthamstow Markets uniqueness, which locals often refer to as “the last bastion of East London markets”. We hope you enjoy the beautiful portraits along with the heartfelt and sincere stories of these amazing and interesting individuals.